The story of a photographer

I held my first SLR when I was 8 years old, as my Grandfather was my inspirational teacher at a young age as he was a pro photographer in one of his many jobs and gave me a few of his old cameras to learn from. One was a broken Pentax ME super. I learned about the camera and how it worked from trying to fix it, which led into how to take great pictures. My inspirational photographers have always been Ansel Adams with his awesome landscapes but the crispness and contrast of his images. Also people like Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith with the people photography they captured to tell their stories. Ok, The cast has been set, I was going to be a photographer, I decided to go to school for Art and photography at the Colorado Institute of Art to learn about all parts of photography, lighting, modeling, design and etc. and see what this had in store for me. As I took pictures, I then started working selling cameras, then eventually went into working directly at Pentax teaching others in the customer service dept for many years.

Finally it was time to start my own photography business with my own images and services. Over the many years I discovered that my passion in photography laid with people, weather its in the events of life, wedding or portraits, wherever the heart needs to be captured and have a story told about it. My hope is my talent can continue to learn and grow in this vast field of the heart.